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Client Testimonials

Looking at the other reviews it is hard to say something that hasn't already been said, but like everyone else I had a great experience working with Gray and his team. We had Gray and two other contractors with A ratings look at the project. Gray was in line with the other estimates we received (all very close) but my decision was based on the overall good feeling that my wife and i had talking to him and asking questions, and the fact that Gray actually does the work with his crew, and any questions/issues that may arise during the work are easy to resolve (he's right upstairs). Some of the others who came to look at the job were very nice/professional, but it was clear that it would be the last time we talked to them throughout the job, and whoever we were going to get once the work started was an unknown and something we didn't want to risk. 

The work started relatively quickly once we decided on Gray, and he and his crew were great. They were very professional, put down paper on stairs and anywhere that wasn't getting torn down, put up plastic to control dust, etc. The quality of the construction was excellent. Gray kept us updated throughout and was always willing to discuss the details of what was going on. The framing on the bearing wall was from a structural perspective more than code and every detail was done right with no shortcuts. Drywall finish is excellent. Trim is perfect match for what we had. One example of a small detail that stands out in terms of attention to detail - we have plinth blocks at the bottom of each door casing that are no longer made. Gray cut blocks himself for a perfect match on the new trim. Two other things (among many really) stood out. One of the interior walls was designed to be at an odd angle, and when I saw it I really wasn't happy with how it looked once it was up. After mentioning it, Gray agreed (or at least said he did) and changed it without question. Also, there were a couple of different ways that we could have put up the exterior lights. One way was with a block that would have been easier to use (cut existing siding and insert), and the other required taking down and reinstalling siding, but was a closer color match to the siding. Again, no question and even through it was more work Gray did it the right way rather than the easy way. Gray also told my wife that when the snow melts they will be back to get the nails etc. that may have fallen in the snow during construction. Much appreciated when you have three kids playing outside. Can't say enough about Gray and his team (who were also all great guys and very skilled). I am probably forgetting many things that went well, but the last thing I will say is that all this happened during the big snowstorms this year, and Gray and crew always made it here to keep the project going, sometimes shoveling snow to get to the siding part of the job, and working in single degree temperatures more than once. Overall great job. My neighbor is already trying to get him for a bathroom remodel, and there is no question that we are using him for other work on our house later this year. 

M. Shilling, Parkton, MD

I never write online reviews. In fact, this is my first.  I was so impressed with this company and the value, I feel obligated to share the experience. From start to finish, Manna Bros. were outstanding.   They outlined exactly what they were going to do, and when they were going to do it (they met /exceeded all expectations). Couple of details worth noting: As with any project, there will always be a few unexpected issues - I was impressed with how they took everything in stride, found a solution, and moved on (without tacking on a bunch of little extra charges at the end of the job). They are very keen on the aesthetics and functionality (both important in a bathroom).  The tile work is beautiful, and they have a fantastic attention to detail.  After watching the process and seeing the final product, it reminded me that there's a reason you should hire professionals for certain projects around the house. We have recommended them to neighbors already, and will certainly consider them when it's time to renovate our kitchen.

D. Bush, Ellicott City, MD

Gave me an incredible price and the work was flawless. Finished in two days. |Best contractor I have ever worked with.

A. Unger, Lutherville, MD

Gray did a great job. He was very responsive, fair in his pricing, and got the job done quickly and right. It looks great. He is very knowledgeable and great to work with. We are using him again for another project in our home!

A. Sterenberg, Monkton, MD

The team did a fantastic job and communicated very clearly.  Everyone involved was clearly a professional and did not cut any corners.  If there were any uncertainties, Gray Manna (who led the project) contacted me and patiently waited for a response.  In the end, there were only a few low-cost modifications to the original contract, and I was given a choice on all of them.  So the original quote was very accurate.  The crew members arrived on time each morning, and were very polite.

J. Atchison, Jessup, MD

We had an absolutely great experience dealing with Manna Bothers but before I talk about that let me provide a little background. 
My wife and I moved into our current house a few years ago. The house was built in 1962 and sometime after that the owner built an addition on to the house - a two story family room. Sometime after we moved in we noticed that sometimes, in particularly heavy rains, the ceiling in that room would leak. We spoke to several contractors about fixing this but had a hard time settling on one. A couple that seemed to know what they were talking about didn't want to do the work and several others that were interested couldn't provide good references. 
We found out about Manna Brothers through Angie’s List and contacted the company. Gray Manna, the owner, met with us around the end of July. He was upfront about the fact that he could not start for about a month. We told him we were ok with that, that we were more interested in the work being done correctly. Gray explained, in great detail, how he would approach the work. He explained that they would test thoroughly for leaks to make sure they found them all. 
Gray started the work right after Labor Day which was in line with his estimate and the work was completed in the time frame he had stated. Even though Manna Brothers does not do roofing or skylights, he coordinated that work with another company for us. He and his team spent several hours on the roof testing for leaks until they found every one. In order to guarantee that everything was sealed and water tight he removed the old wood on the exterior, around the new windows, and replaced it with new wood. 
When he finished everything looked great. Gray's attention to detail extended into every part of the job. The new cedar ceiling looks absolutely great as does everything else they worked on for us. They cleaned everything up when they finished.
As far as cost is concerned, I feel that I got my money's worth. I would recommend Manna Brothers to anyone that asked and will be calling them again if I need any other work done.

M. Pfeifer, Clarksville, MD

My wife and I struggled at finding a contractor to redo our bathroom.  We've had such bad luck in the past with contractors not doing good work, much less coming back when problems happened.  A bathroom remodel is not inexpensive, we need the kitchen remodeled as well, so we thought we'd join Angie's list and see if our luck could change.   We contacted several people from Angie's list.  All but one of the quotes was within a thousand dollars of each other when you compared apples to apples. The third contractor wouldn't quote a job more than six weeks out.  What the deciding factor for us selecting Manna Bros over the others was simple.  Gray was responsive; he was easy to talk to. Without a doubt he was open to ideas. But the main deciding reason we chose him, was Gray quoted the job, Gray also was going to be on the job while the work was being done. We would be talking with the same person that quoted us the job, discussed options and ideas as we would with the same person during the remodel.   During the quote he made several comments and suggestions that indicated he knew what we were talking about even if we didn't. We thought it provided a consistency to have the person who spoke to use and quoted the job to be present on the job during construction.
Once the contract was signed he was very responsive to questions and calls as well as emails.  They started and finished the job in the time period stated in the contract… a first in the history of construction for us!  The crew was great. Danny was here most days over the rest of the crew. He impressed us with his work ethic for a young man. He would think of things himself to do to provide a more finished polished product. Our house is almost 60 years old and we've been living in it for over 30 years.  This is the first major remodel for this particular bathroom.   We had no shower in this bathroom, just a tub. We had no insulation in the outer wall.  They installed insulation for us.   
His crew was an extreme pleasure to work with and there's no doubt I'll be using them for future projects.  We have a list growing with his name behind it.  We want to do our kitchen next.  During any remodel, things come up, that someone doesn't expect, it's just the nature. Lucky for us, nothing major came up, just little things and is was great to be able to discuss with Gray solutions to the problem/situation. How to remedy them.  I would often ask their opinions and we'd take a vote. After all they are the experts. They see and do the work on a daily basis.   Course my vote was the deciding one. lol  But it felt more like a cohesive team being able to work with them.

T. Svoboda, Parkville, MD

Gray was responsive to my initial inquiry and came by to provide a quote. He was very informative as we went over what was needed and the best way to achieve the right results I wanted. Very responsive to numerous questions and keeping me informed on any potential issues.  Punctual each morning and left no debris. Craftsmanship is top notch with no issues regarding any of the work performed. Everything was accomplished as agreed upon. I will definitely be contacting Manna Brothers Home Improvement in the future for other work I need accomplished.

C. Cox, Ellicott City, MD

Gray and Dan and other workers did an EXCELLENT job all around. They were extremely professional and very detail-oriented. Gray does all he can to please the customer and we would certainly use his services again.  He does it right the first time. He fit our project in promptly and completed it efficiently. He does not skimp and just does a really nice job at a fair price. He doesn't nickel and dime. We are huge fans!

J. Weinberg, Ellicott City, MD

We absolutely loved working with Manna Bros; we have already referred their business to our friends and family. The entire team was extremely professional, courteous and enthusiastic to make our bathroom everything was hoped for! The end result was better than I imagined and it is evident that each employee takes pride in his work. What a gem, they literally bent over backwards for us to get the job completed in less than two weeks. Through his connections, we were able to purchase many of our materials at a discounted price, which was a huge help. He was very patient with us and made sure all of our questions & concerns were addressed. He is truly a professional and an expert in his field. Thank you, Manna Bros Team!

H. Cignarele, Lutherville, MD

Gray and Danny came and did an estimate and were able to do the work in a timely manner for a VERY affordable price. Gray was extremely professional and willing to fit in a small job in the midst of the much larger jobs that are their staple business. He was polite, professional, knowledgeable, and he and Danny did a WONDERFUL job on the wall. We LOVE IT! He suggested we paint it ourselves or get it painted as a way to keep the costs down as painting through his guys probably would have been more expensive. It looks great, and I DEFINITELY plan on using Manna Bros for larger home improvement projects and renovations around our home and in our rental property.

R. Thornton, Ellicott City, MD

We had an emergency tile job needed because water was leaking.  Gray fit us in promptly even though this was a relatively small job.  Great communication and his employees are excellent and polite.  After I finish this, I have to call him so he can do our master bath.

J. Nesson, Owings Mills, MD

Honestly, I could not have asked for a better experience. When I bought my house a few years ago I had a terrible experience with another contractor. It was a nightmare. So when I went to hire someone to redo our kitchen I was VERY nervous.  I found Manna Bros. and had him come give me a quote last year. He came out exactly when he said he would and gave me a really good, honest picture of what I would need done. We couldn't afford to do the remodel right away, but when I called him this spring he made himself available to come out again and provide me with a detailed quote. He worked with me on everything I needed him to and I felt very confident in his abilities.  When he started, he showed up exactly when he said he would and him and his crew came every day until the work was finished. There were some unexpected issues with the floor because i have a very old house, but him and his crew came up with ideas and made it work perfectly. He said it would take 2 and a half weeks and he was done with his portion in a week and a half. Then all we had to do was wait around for my granite company to come and install. As soon as it was installed he sent his plumber and electrician back over to finish what they needed to do and it was complete. Everyone I have told said they couldn't believe how fast they got everything done. The work is impeccable and the kitchen looks amazing. I'm so happy and I know I will be a long time customer of Gray's for everything I need done in the future!!! 

L. Henry, Owings Mills, MD

From the get-go Gray Manna was extremely honest and professional. It took us nearly a year before we finally got our act together (my husband and I) and gave him the go-ahead to get started. Once they began work they were fast and efficient without cutting any corners (project took just about 2 weeks). Gray was honest as to what products would be the best quality and most durable. His crew was wonderful too. Danny was here early every morning to get started and we felt very comfortable having them in our home. Although, I'm sure they were sick and tired of our dogs barking at they every time they came in and out of the house! Gray only works with the best guys in their field (lighting, painting, flooring, etc.) so we know we were getting the best work.  The work is beautiful and we couldn't be happier. I recommend the Manna Bros. team 110%!

L. Tumbarello, Columbia, MD

Gray and his crew were a pleasure to work with. The total project took about 6 weeks. We had told him we wanted it done by the end of May, and he finished well ahead of time. Starting with the basement project which was a den added to a partially finished basement and also a custom finished bathroom.  Gray's crew was very punctual, showing up sometimes before their 7:30-8am start time.   They framed the area in a day or two. The bulkheads were done very well giving us as much ceiling space as possible.   Gray was flexible with our bathroom layout, as initially we wanted the toilet next to the shower, but then decided to put it facing the shower.  At first he told us it could not be done, but then after breaking the concrete to our rough in, he was able to make it happen.  He had his electrician and plumber in as soon as the framing was inspected.  They took about 2 days to finish.  The tiling in the shower took about a week.  He does quality tiling work, and we were extremely pleased when he was finished.   Gray was very particular and wanted everything to be perfect, and he had the drywall team come back a couple of times to make sure the walls were perfect.   The deck was then completed next.  Gray built a freestanding deck which according to code was not necessary, but we feel a lot safer that he did.  He used low maintenance decking from Trex.  The project was completed in a week or so.  He did work with us on the layout for us to maximize our deck space. We were very happy with the completed deck, and I now have a place to put my grill!

 Overall, Gray and his crew did an excellent job, and we would use him again or refer them to friends.  He is an honest guy who we believe builds with safety and quality in mind.  The team is very friendly, and we were able to trust them to work on our project during the day with no one home.  These guys are hard workers. 

J. Huang, Ellicott City, MD

Gray’s attention to detail is second to none.  I have to say that I’m a hard guy to satisfy because I'm so anal and I’m very particular on how I want things done.  Gray is the same way, so I knew from the get-go the job would get done right.  Gray and his team, Danny and Brian, were a pleasure to work with.  Gray always spent time on the phone with me whenever I had a concern and he was very responsive throughout day whenever I texted him a question.  And he still is even after the job is done.  Like I said, I consider myself a very high maintenance client as I had several new requests each new day of the job.  Gray didn’t even bat an eye to accommodate me.  Gray and his team is the only contractor outfit I want working on my house from now on because I know it will get done right the first time.  I just hope I can get him again because he's so busy.

D. Igla, Ellicott City, MD

My experience with Manna Bros. from start to finish was professional and enjoyable. I contacted Gray for an estimate based on his reviews on Angie's list, as well as 2 other contractors. Gray's estimate was very competitive and I felt most comfortable using him based on our conversations regarding the basement space and his proposed schedule. He was able to start right when we wanted him to and he finished right on time as well. The workers were always professional. The communication was great too. Always letting us know what was happening in the next couple of days, who would be there and at what time, etc.  The quality of work is excellent. We are very happy with the finished product. We have some more home improvement projects planned in the next few years and I will definitely be contacting Manna Bros. for those as well.

C. Jarrell, Parkville, MD

My husband and I recently decided it was time to remodel two rooms downstairs in order to have more room as well as increase the value of our home. One of the rooms was a sunroom with an adjacent room divided by a wall and a door. We wanted the two rooms turned into one large family with French doors leading out to the patio. Because there was absolutely no heat in the rooms, we didn't use them except in warmer weather. So, I joined Angie's List one day and found Manna Bros., who had the best ratings of any home improvement provider in our area. I emailed Manna Bros. and Gray immediately called me and came out to give us an estimate. We were so happy that he would be able to begin the project within a few days. Gray and his team of professional workers (electrician, painters, carpenter, etc. worked for 10 days to complete the project. They took down the wall between the rooms, constructed and framed support for ceiling/roof, took out all the sunroom glass, framed the two walls, installed a French door and two windows, raised the sunroom floor, installed two wall heaters, a ceiling fan, installed tongue and groove rough sawn lumber ceiling with pine faux beams to match existing room, hung 1/2" moisture resistant core drywall in sunroom, installed insulation in sunroom floor as well as in ceiling. When I told Gray I really didn't like the two inwall electric heaters because they didn't have a grill to cover the wires, he took the heaters back and bought me heaters with covers. When I told him we needed screens with the windows and French doors, he went out and bought screens for the windows and even found one for the French doors. These are just a couple of examples of his work ethic and communication skills. I sent him numerous emails making suggestions and asking him questions. He would get back to me almost immediately. We are very pleased with our beautiful family room, thanks to Gray Manna and his team.

K. Arth, Ellicott City, MD

Found Manna Bros through our Angie's List search. They have the best ratings, by far, of any home improvement provider that I could find. Gray Manna got back to us very quickly after our email request and we soon talked on the phone about our projects. We initially were going to have work done on our master bathroom and bedroom as well as our outdoor porch/gazebo and one of our guest bedrooms. Gray set up a date soon after our conversation to do an estimate on the projects. When he came to our house we went over the master bathroom and bedroom first and he was very helpful with giving ideas on what we could do and where we could get other design ideas for the bathroom especially. We're pretty clueless with design but between ideas Gray had and the resources he gave us we came up with something that we're very happy with. When Gray looked at our upstairs guest bedroom project he recommended we hold on doing any painting at that time due to some water damage in the ceiling. At his recommendation we had a roofer inspect the roof and it turned out we had 3 out of 4 roof ventilation pipes with large holes around them, presumably letting water into our attic every time it rained. The roofer was amazed it hadn't caused more damage than in just the single upstairs guest bedroom and the roofer was able to do those repairs quickly and cheaply. Basically Gray saved us from having more serious water damage! Similarly, when he looked at our deck and gazebo, which had been installed by the prior owner, he found some structural issues and said he'd be happy to do the minor repairs we were looking to have done but that we'd probably be having him come back multiple times in future years for continued maintenance issues. So we actually decided to completely remove the porch/ gazebo and go with a hardscape/patio design. I bring up these 2 topics because these were recommendations for projects on which Manna Bros could have made money but for which Gray instead gave us his honest opinions and in the end we made better decisions thanks to those recommendations. I think this approach summarizes the rest of our great experience with Manna Bros. They won't do something that they wouldn't recommend for their own homes. They prefer to do it right and sleep better for it. For our master bathroom remodel they removed a tub with a large tile tub deck, removed the fiberglass shower stall, removed old tile flooring, removed old vanity/mirror/medicine cabinets, and removed the toilet. They replaced with a custom tile shower, bathroom floor tiling, installed new vanity/mirror/medicine cabinets, painted, installed bathroom fixtures, had a plumber install the toilet and do the shower/vanity plumbing work, and had an electrician do some rewiring and installation of lights/fans including changing some switch options inside and just outside of the bathroom. In the master bedroom they removed wallpapering and painted. They did most of the work when none of us were at home so I don't know the full breakdown of who did what but Brian did the custom shower tiling and floor tiling and a lot of the other work in the bathroom along with Danny. Brian seems to be meticulous with the tiling and it really looks fantastic. We communicated mostly with Brian and Gray and they were both excellent in responding to calls and texts and very helpful and understanding throughout the project. Our bathroom looks great, we really couldn't be any happier with it. They don't do shower door installations as they haven't found any reliable offtheshelf or big box options but did give us a referral for someone they think does a great professional job so we plan to contact them for an estimate. Again, I think the best thing I can say is they will do the work as if it was their home and they won't do something they think is incorrect or that they're not comfortable doing.

K. Means, Ellicott City, MD

We chose Manna Bros. over another company because of their pricing, ideas and professionalism. The basement was where we had the most work done. We needed to create a storage area so walls were removed and other walls were constructed and an access door was installed. A bathroom door was added for more direct access to the bedroom. Pergo flooring was laid in the newly created storage area. A closet was built to make access to the electrical box and plumbing easier. The garage had not been finished properly when the home was built so we had it retaped and blocked giving it a much smoother, cleaner look. A new 60" vanity was installed in the master bath from a company that Grey Manna recommended for their quality and quick turnaround time. A utility tub with cabinet was installed in the laundry room. Four custom doors were made for a bookcase to replace illfitting doors. All the work was performed in the time frame of about 10 days. They were courteous and all the work was finished as promised to the specifications we requested. They came back and finished a couple of things such as realigning one of the doors they had installed, adding a threshold at another door and caulking the vanity with no additional charges and it was all done in one visit. I would recommend this company and if we ever need more work done they would be my first call.

D. Vainieri, Towson, MD

We couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship and the service provided! Gray really listened to the changes that we wanted to make to our existing built in corner entertainment center/ mantel and provided us with excellent cost effective options. We were also very impressed with his responsiveness. Gray returned my call within a couple of hours and stopped by to see the project the same day. He also provided us with a quote within 2 days and completed the project on time. From my initial conversation with Gray, to the date when the cabinet doors were installed, Gray kept us well informed on his progress with our project and worked diligently to complete it before the holidays so that we could enjoy our new flat screen TV on the mantel! Could not ask for better craftsmanship! Gray also worked diligently to match the stain on the new doors/mantel with the stain on the existing cabinets and achieved a perfect match. As I'm sure you can tell, we were very pleased with the professional service as well as the quality of the work provided by Gray and his staff. We will definitely use him for future projects!

S. Mistretta, Freeland, MD

My newly finished basement flooded due to a sump pump failure. Gray responded immediately to my phone call and arranged for an estimate without delay. His estimate was actually exactly what the insurance company appraised the damage to be. He began work promptly and got my basement back to better than it was before the storm in less than two weeks. His team was prompt, courteous and paid very close attention to detail. Gray is exceptionally knowledgeable, ALWAYS returns calls and is very patient as changes/requests come up. I am set to use him for another project and will never use another contractor again. If I could give him an A+ I would. I wish I used him to finish the basement in the first and learn.

M. Dubin, Towson MD

There had been a leak under the tub for many years before we purchased the house. The repair needs were so extensive, we decided to have them gut the whole bathroom and start over. Gray called me back the same day that I first contacted him for an estimate, and was able to come out to assess the project quickly. He got the estimate to us exactly when he said he would, but was patient with us needing a little time to make the decision. The crew started when they said they would and worked every day through the duration of the project. It did take longer than estimated, but that was because they ended up needing to do more work than was originally expected the ceiling below the leak was significantly more damaged than had been apparent. Rather than just patching it as planned, Gray and his guys dropped the entire (mold filled) thing and replaced it. Also, because our bathroom is small and has an awkwardly oversized window, fitting in the shower stall took extra work and creativity. In the end, we are completely happy with Manna Bros. Throughout the project, Gray's attention to our concerns and questions was outstanding. He always either answered our call or called back very quickly. His crew were all nice guys who did great work. (In particular, Brian's work with the tile is precise and beautiful.) They left things neat at the end of the day. They were responsive to our needs in actually living in the house during the work. They did what they said they would, when they said they would do it, and went beyond what was expected. They paid attention to the details and their work is solid and beautiful.

P. Donahue, Catonsville, MD

I needed a door put in at the top of our basement stairway. I wanted a solid core door to reduce noise. Grey found a door to meet my needs, and he and his team installed it in a timely manner. He was in contact with me through the entire process. He is very friendly, professional, and ensures that his team does highquality work.

A. Tray, Cockeysville, MD

Gray Manna and his crew were a pleasure to work with. They arrived promptly and kept the area in good order even though they demolished a wall and gutted the kitchen. Gray had a good answer to all of my questions. They installed new cabinets, flooring, kitchen fan, undercabinet lights, stove, microwave and disposal.

This was an excellent experience. Gray was always available to answer questions that arose during the construction. The quality of the work is wonderful. Everything was completed in about two weeks time which was amazing considering they demolished the existing kitchen and installed new everything. The workmen were of the highest professional quality, polite and highly skilled in what they did. I am so pleased with the new kitchen and will definitely call Manna Brothers for my next job!

R. Hicks, Timonium, MD

I called Mr. Gray Manna on September 12, 2012 and left a message to inquire about having work done in my home to have wood trim molding removed from the wall above a fireplace. He returned my phone call promptly and came out that same day to assess the work that needed to be done. Mr. Manna was very thorough in describing the drywall repair work that would need to be done to complete the job and said that he would email me a quote. I accepted the estimate for the job and Mr. Manna scheduled the work to be done in a timely manner. Brian handled the repair work in our home and did an excellent job. He was punctual, courteous, respectful of our home and professional in every way as he removed the molding and repaired the drywall above the fireplace. This was considered a "small job" in Mr. Manna's scope of work; however, I feel he treated my job with the same urgency, respect and consideration he had for his larger jobs. He communicated with me (by phone, email or text) on a daily basis until the project was completed (which took several days). Mr. Gray's communication and customer service skills are excellent. It is clear he is an individual who values integrity and conducts his business in such a way that manifests this. I recommend Manna Brothers Home Improvement without reservation.

V. Trim, Ellicott City, MD

Gray's responsiveness and professionalism are absolutely impeccable. He responded to us sameday to make an appointment for an estimate. He arrived promptly to give the estimate, inspected the area thoroughly, and carefully explained what would need to be done. He always responds promptly and courteously to emails and phone calls. The members of Gray's team who came to do the actual repairs to the drywall did a fantastic job. Gray followedup with us afterward to be sure everything was perfect.

T. Ober, Catonsville, MD

We loved these guys. We needed help fast when an upstairs ceiling bizarrely collapsed, and had no idea whom to call. Found their information on Angie's List and Gray responded quickly and with a very reasonable estimate. Everyone was punctual, professional, and friendly. We felt comfortable having them in the house and they were meticulous about cleaning up. The work was awesomewhat they replaced looked far better than the original. We were of course concerned about ceilings falling in other rooms and they took the extra time to check and secure all the upstairs ceiling panels for us. Gray was often here just checking in. Although this was something of an emergency job, now that we've met these folks we are looking forward to having them do some bigger remodeling projects in the future.

J. Trussell, Lutherville, MD

We had water damage in our house and had remediation done to prevent mold. Basically, our carpets, drywall, base boards and insulation had been partially ripped out to prevent mold. I also had several projects (Honey Do Things and upgrades) that I wanted to take the opportunity to include. Gray and Team came in and helped repair the damage, accomplish the upgrades and finish some minor projects.

From the beginning, Gray was extremely professional and easy going. I was impressed with his honest and direct responses. Manna Brothers was not the cheapest estimate that we received. After meeting with several contractors that I had pulled from Angies list for an estimate, I went with my gut feeling to go with Manna. I only had experience dealing with two contractors previously and was not happy with the experience. I felt comfortable with Gray was from the beginning based on the way he answered my questions and provided feedback. I am extremely pleased with all their work and every member of their team.

We had wanted to get our garage floor finished as part of this project. Both Gray and Tim had concerns about painting and epoxy solutions because of our use of the garage. Gray did research and found us another contractor that offered a specialize solution. We appreciated their honesty that they might not be the best solution. In addition, Gray went the extra mile to find us a better solution which we are going with.

Gray came onsite to oversee part of the project and was available throughout the entire project. You can tell that Manna Brothers takes pride in their work and it shows. I highly recommend using them.

M. Behr, Laurel, MD

I had the best experience working with Manna Bros and would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in a remodeling job. Of all the contractors I called, and got estimates for, Manna Bros. was the only one who was willing to work with me in dividing up the work responsibilities of our basement remodeling project. I've done a bit of research and had an idea of how I wanted to basement to be constructed. Many contractors had their own opinion and tried to tell me that I was overbuilding it, or what I envisioned was unnecessary. I love a quality build when it comes to the foundation of a building and it was a breath of fresh air to come across Manna Bros who just listened, and was willing make my vision come to fruition. The attention to detail was superb. I felt there was a partnership during our renovation and a professional attitude at every stage. The jobs I performed were the foundation insulation, waterproofing, wiring (TV, stereo, and ethernet), color paint, and flooring. Manna Bros. did the rest (see above). During the build my daughter wanted the space under the stairs as a play area which originally was just going to be used for storage. I mentioned this to Gray (the owner) and he went out of his way and made a customized door, and trim, for the entrance which really looked professional. My daughter had a blast painting it. I also wanted to acknowledge Brian who did the tile in the bathroom where everything seemed to be aligned with a laser, the drywall guys who also did an exceptional job (I despise doing drywall!), and to the plumbers who within two days, moved some drains, and plumbed everything to the bathroom. I was a bit hesitant to drop some more money into another membership, but Angie's List has paid for itself many times over. For anyone who gets nervous about just selecting some random contractor in the yellow pages (that's me), Angie's List is the place to go.

S. Bergman, Westminster, MD

We had been working on our basement for several months and the day came that we realized that we had not correctly mudded and sanded the drywall. When we painted the problems became obvious. For medical reasons we could not rework the walls and lay the subflooring and floors as we had planned. We needed someone who could repair our walls and complete the work. We found Manna Brothers name on Angies list and called them. They responded quickly. My husband showed Gray the basement and explained our desire to have the job done by the end of June. This was the week after Memorial Day. Gray assured us that he could fit the work in if we would be agreeable to having his team come on weekends. His estimate was very reasonable and we decided to award him the contract over competitors. During the course of the work we realized that there was a miscommunication about what we wanted done to the walls. We asked Gray if he could do some additional work on the walls and also to include the windows: He was extremely flexible and agreed to do the extra work for just $400. which we thought was extremely reasonable. Whenever we talked to him or his team we felt that they understood what we needed. They were polite, professional and a pleasure to work with. The job was completed by June 25 which exceeded our expectations. Since the work has been done we have received nothing but compliments on the way the basement looks. We would definitely hire Manna Brothers again and recommend them to anyone.

B. Cogley, Timonium, MD

I would highly recommend Manna Bros. for any home improvement project. We had a great experience from start to finish with Gray and his team of professionals. When I first called Gray for an estimate, he was in the area completing another job and came right over that day and looked at the work to be done. He explains things so well! He took time to explain from start to finish how he would go about fixing the problem. We had a leak in our front bay window and it was hard to tell where the leak was coming from. Gray explained how he would find the leak and approximately how long it would take to fix the problem.

We also had water damage to the ceiling as a result of the leak in the bay window as well as two other ceilings damaged from a leak in the roof. Gray came back another day with his drywall man ,who has 26 yrs drywall experience, and got his recommendation on repairing the existing plaster ceiling or putting a new drywall ceiling over the existing plaster ceiling. They recommended replacing the damaged plaster ceiling with drywall in the living room and in the bedroom to avoid any problems with cracking years later with the plaster ceiling. The damage to these two areas was extensive. The 3rd ceiling in the kitchen was a minor repair to the plaster in the ceiling; therefore, they recommended patching the existing plaster in this room.

The estimate Gray gave us was reasonable for the amount of work to be done. Once we decided to hire Gray and his team to tackle this problem, they were able to come out the next week and start the work. Gray was able to find the leak, remove any damaged plaster, replace the fascia board, paint the fascia board and put on a new gutter all in same day. They were able to match the exterior paint perfectly! The gutter they put up for us looks great! It blends right into the house. The next day the drywall man installed the drywall ceilings. After the drywall ceilings where completed, Gray had his finisher come in an finish the ceilings. Both the drywall man and the finisher did an amazing job!! Gray has a wonderful, professional crew with many years of experience in their trade and the end result reflects their years of experience. We are very pleased with the quality of the work that was done our home! We would definitely use Manna Bros again for any home improvement project! Thanks again Gray for making this process easy from start to finish!

D. Harriman, Timonium, MD

Grey has been great to work with and has been more then receptive to my many, many changes in directions. I will be very honest I am sure I am a taxing client because I had new ideas perhaps every single day and never did they stop my near constant (perhaps even stream of consciousness) flow of ideas. Grey constantly was receptive to my ideas, suggestions, questions and comments and I completely appreciate this.

The absolute key to working with Grey is being honest with what you are thinking. Grey is extraordinarily responsive to questions, and this is very valuable to me.

In addition to the great back and forth with Grey is the top notch work the Grey did at our house, so not only was he receptive to ideas, but he does great work and I really can't think of what else one can ask from a contractor. We are thrilled with the work that he and his great team has done. The are the epitome of honest, timely, ontime, professional, great work and I clearly can not recommend them highly enough.

A. Love, Timonium, MD

Gray Manna was so easy to work with. He was flexible in setting up a home estimate and described the job in easy to understand terms. Since this was a smaller job I thought Gray Manna wouldn't be involved but he was there from start to finish. Gray put me at easy and I felt comfortable leaving him while I wasn't there with my pets. The job was completed much sooner than estimated which was a plus. I am very happy with their work and would use them again in the future.

M. Cooper, Rosedale, MD

Gray is excellent. He is very knowledgable, upfront and prompt. My expectation were exceeded. After having a couple of people take a look at a floor repair to stop excessive bouncing, Gray explained the the three viable options for a repair and what he would do. Manna Bros treat all their projects as though they are working in their home. Gray worked quickly and is also very flexible as he was able to work around a couple of shifting dates to get the work started.

To fix the flooring support he added increased flooring support and tied in into the two storage rooms in our basement. The storage rooms created were impecably done and had very clean lines so when we finish the rest of the basement we will be able to time them in very easily. The floor repair from when a previous technician scratchour our floor was done quickly and you can not tell that the boards were replaced. A job well done all over.

Gray and his team are a please to work with and we will be using him so future remodling work.

K.Meyer, Ellicott City, MD

After a broken pipe flooded our first floor and caved in the basement ceiling, I was stuck with a huge mess. Manna Brothers was recommended by a friend who had found them on Angie's List. They came out, talked through what needed to be done, provided options and then didn't hassle me until I was ready to proceed. I was working under a time crunch, as I was having a big family party, and Gray worked with me to make sure that everything was done on time and to my satisfaction. There was a small setback, when some materials that were delivered were not up to par, but they handled everything with the company and still managed to get done on time. As an added bonus, they even came and helped me move all the furniture back in place once the floor refinishing was completed. It gave me great peace of mind to know I could leave every morning for two weeks and not have to worry about a thing, They were respectful of my property, always very professional and above and beyond what I would ever have expected from a contractor. I'll be having them back again soon for another major renovation project! Highly recommend!

J. Dalrymple, Woodbine, MD

Gray and his crew were punctual, personable, and professional. They communicated with me about what needed to be done, and their work was outstanding. I highly recommend Manna Brothers! The next time that I need remodeling work done, I will be calling Gray first. I would grade them at an A+!

T. Nanni, Ellicott City, MD

My house looks amazing!!!! The bathrooms are finished, the basement is down to just carpet to be installed... and the contractors' time is winding to an end... Manna Brothers has continued to amaze me with their professionalism and attention to detail our quirky house certainly tried to test their limits. Couldn't have wished for a better experience with a contracting company, or individuals to have traipsing through my house for a month. I am grateful...

In all honesty, with all of the work we've had to have done on this house, and the rental properties we own, I have never come across another Contractor of this caliber. Gray Manna and crew, you, are a class act.

C. Ziluca, Ellicott City, MD

I emailed Manna Brothers and was contacted within hours by Gray Manna. This was a pleasant surprise, as it took days to hear back from other companies; some never returned messages. Gray and James came out within a day or two to survey the damage, and provided me an estimate within 24 hours. The basement was my main priority, but I also asked for an estimate to replace the front door wooden frame. Gray said it wasn't necessary to replace the whole frame but that it could be fixed easier and much, much cheaper by cutting out the damaged uprights on either side of the door and replacing them. I signed the contract on October 20, and work began on November 3, as promised.

Everything was done on the schedule that Gray had blocked out. He personally supervised the job. My basement looks good as new maybe even better. Gray treated me like I was his only customer, always returning my calls, making sure things were done to my satisfaction. The whole job went as smoothly as I could have asked for. What a pleasant experience!!

A. Thompson, Ellicott City, MD

Manna Brothers Home Improvement Simply the BEST!

Professional, Highly Capable, Customer Focused, Qualitydriven, Conscientious, Friendly those words come to mind when I describe my experience with Gray Manna and Manna Brothers Home Improvement during my basement renovation. That unique combination of contractor qualities places them in a totally different league beyond other contractors in MD
and Southern PA. I say this as a home owner who has had work done by other contractors in the Southern PA and MD
area who did not deliver on their promises or stood behind their work after the job was done.

Throughout the entire basement renovation project, Gray kept me informed of what would be accomplished each day and was always willing to address any questions. His communication and followthrough was outstanding! As with some projects, some unexpected issues arise in my situation, it was an area of mold that wasn't fully removed by a major national moldmitigation contractor I previously used after my basement flooded. Gray and his team brought the issue to my attention and addressed the problem to keep the project moving forward, whereas other contractors would have not been as helpful and responsive.

Above all, beyond the great work that was done, what impressed me most was Gray Manna's integrity and customer focus. He is genuinely concerned about satisfying the customer and doing things right the first time. He treated my home and basement renovation project as if it was his very own and truly cared about making sure I was happy with the final outcome. I would highly recommend Manna Brothers Home Improvement without hesitation. They are the BEST!

M. Pavich, New Freedom, PA 

Once again, the Manna Bros exceeded my expectations. We had 25 year old sliding glass door that was probably not installed correctly and was leaking into the basement, so we hired the Manna Bros to make sure the job was done correctly. I figured that the job would be pretty easy, just remove the old door and put the new door in. If we hired a home improvement store to install the door, I am sure that is what they would have done, but when Gray and James showed up, they discovered that the previous door was sitting slightly cockeyed in the frame.

Instead of just throwing the new door in and filling the gaps, Gray and James spent over an hour working the frame and the door to get it to sit correctly in the space. After finally getting it into position, then made sure to seal all the holes where we had water damage from the previously incorrect installation. In addition, they went above and beyond by taking out the old trim which was not square to the floor and installing a newer, much more elegant trim around the door.

While the installation seemed simple, once again the Manna Bros. impressed my by taking the extra time to do the job correctly, not just get the job done.

I look forward to working with Gray and his team again soon.

D. Burnham, Columbia, MD

All we can say is WOW! What a great and honest contractor to procure. We had a flood in our basement which ruined the space. We had the water mitigated, the baseboards and drywall ripped up and the carpet removed. We contacted Manna Bros through our search here on Angie's List and felt they have completed some great work and we decided to procure their services. They fixed the drywall, painted the whole basement and resealed the area of our basement door in order to prevent water from entering the house again. Gray, the owner was on site the whole time and made sure the job was done right. He seemed to be a perfectionist with his work and the end product showed. From the time Gray met me at the house for the initial estimate he was very professional. He carefully reviewed the room to see what needed to be done and explained exactly what he could do. He looked at our basement door and saw where the water was entering and said what he can do to seal up the door frame and prevent the water from entering. When the day came to get started he was punctual and carefully brought all supplies into the house and was very neat throughout. They worked straight through the day. He and the crew were very friendly as I would come down to see how the progress was going or when I needed to get something from the basement. To show his integrity, we asked him to use this chemical for the walls called Microban to help keep the mold count down after we had our water mitigation. Microban was recommended by the company who removed the water. He was going to pick it up but he saw how much harmful chemicals were in it so he found a different solution to use based on his research and said it was safe for our 3 children. We were so appreciative that he took the time and though of our safety when using chemicals in our home. After the work was completed he had us review his work and we water tested the door to test his work on the door. The door frame was fine but water was still coming in under the door itself. He told us what else can be done and he offered to come back and fix it but we haven't done so yet. He did a masterful job and we are going to use him to finish the rest of our basement that is currently unfinished and used for storage.

P. Snyder, Garrison, MD

As a Realtor, I have seen the work of many contractors and I can say without a doubt that Manna Bros. is unquestionable one of the best. From start to finish, Gray and his team were total professionals, worked hard, and completed the job in a timely manner for the agreed upon price.

In my mind, what really set the Manna Bros. apart from the rest was their desire to get the job done right. Numerous times they had an opportunity to take a short cut, but didn't, even when it meant considerably extra work. For example, shortly into the job they discovered that our builder put the stairs in about an inch and a half out of square. To me, it didn't seem like a big deal, however Gray and James spent an extra half day just to square up the stairs to make sure that the walls were straight when they finished. They could have left it and I would have never known, but they took time to fix it without charging anything extra.

Gray was a great resource for the project as well. Although we had an idea of what we wanted to do from the start, Gray was instrumental in helping us figure out what would look good. As they started to progress, Gray and his team remained flexible, allowing us to tweak things as the floor plan started to take shape. For example, we didn't know exactly how big we wanted the wet bar to be, but we were able to hold off on a decision until after some of the other walls were completed, allowing us to size it just right for the space.

It almost goes without saying that the final results were perfect. Despite being pressed for time towards the end, Gray still made sure not to take any short cuts. All the attention to detail shows and it is clear that every member of the team takes pride in the work they do.

I already have Gray scheduled for my next job and any job in the future, I will be sure to call Gray first.

D. Burnham, Columbia 

Mann Bros, Home Improvement advertises "prompt, professional and proficient service" and there is definite truth in their advertising! All scheduled appointments were convenient and kept by Gray Manna. His demeanor, as well as that of his experienced crew was extremely courteous, respectful and knowledgeable. Because of their combined years of experience, expertise and true commitment to quality workmanship, all unplanned and unforeseen issues were handled in the most expeditious, economic and efficient manner.

Throughout the entire project Gray and Alicia displayed great patience and I was able to consistently rely on their advice and guidance regarding specific products and materials. Gray remained in constant contact with me throughout the project, but most notable is the fact that Gray contacted me after the job was finished to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the work that was done. It was a refreshing change to know that someone cares about the quality of his work and whether or not it met the homeowner's expectations!

There are so many adjectives I could suggest to Gray that describe the quality of his services and my excellent experience with Manna Bros, but they wouldn't all fit on his business card! "Prompt, professional and proficient service" is what you can expect, and, without a doubt, is what you will receive. I can unequivocally recommend Gray Manna and Manna Bros, Home Improvement to complete any project large or small with the utmost quality and professionalism! I will certainly use Manna Bros Home Improvement for my future home improvement projects!

A. Barr, Bel Air, MD

We couldn't have asked for better service. From the moment I contacted Gray, he was professional, courteous, and personable. It was immediately clear that he knows his business and that he does high quality work. We felt comfortable having him in our home from the very beginning. He gave us select advice on a few things, but would not recommend anything that he was not 100% sure of. Case in point, we needed our hardwood floors throughout the first floor refinished and asked Gray for advice. He was honest and said that that was outside his area of expertise and could not recommend a company. On the other hand he did recommend a place to get our granite (Granite Outlet) and we were very happy with the product and installation. From gutting our kitchen to custom building the structure for our island, installing the cabinetry and a slider to the deck, and laying new hardwood flooring, Gray was meticulous but worked quickly. We joked that it was his kitchen and that he would turn the 'keys' over to us when he was done. I think there was more than a grain of truth in that. For example, the hood that I ordered for our cooktop was supposed to be recirculating (no vent to outside)... but, it required that a vent be cut into our soffit. He refused to do it said he wouldn't do it in his own kitchen, so he wouldn't do it in ours. (Of course, he would have if I had said that I really wanted him to :) We ended up returning the hood and got something that was truly recirculating that we like a lot better! From beginning to end, we felt like Gray really took care of us. I now have a kitchen that could be featured in Better Homes and Gardens! We can't recommend Manna Bros. highly enough.

J. Krieg, Ellicott City, MD

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